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The Universality of Meditation

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Meditation is a process of realizing one's true nature one's real source of 'Bliss' and one's Self. This search for true being applies to all without any exception. So it is as universal as breath is essential to a living being. It is not confined to any sect or society or cast or color or creed. As breath is universal to mankind, so is Dhyan. At one time or another during day, every human being experiences 'Bliss' which may be for few seconds only. He may or may not be able to appreciate that moment or moments or period of 'Bliss' is not at all of his creation or due to his effort. It is 'Dhyan'

That 'Bliss' is natural. It is universal. It comes on its own. So is Meditation. So is 'Dhyan'. It comes to every one without any effort. There is no restriction what so ever. It is not confined to any particular organization. It belongs to all beings who breath and sustain life on this earth. It belongs to animals too but they are living in a sub-conscious state which is unconscious of it. They can't be aware of their own conscious.

Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji proclaims that this possibility of being aware of your-self lies in human form. One can rise as high as possible that one can be even God. One can fall below as much as that even animals start having pity on you. This privilege has been given to human being that he can be aware of his own true Self through Meditation. It is Meditation which connects him to his true nature, Shiv-netra.

In Meditation, we attain our awareness freed from the clutches of gruesome mind compared to a maddened monkey. It is that moment in our daily life when we are tuned with our real self, our own source, Shiv-netra and we are not at all material. We realize that we are not the mind or intellect. We are He. We are the WITNESS. We look on, pleasure comes and we look on. Pain comes, we look on. When health comes, we are the witness. When disease comes, we are the witness; we are the Existence, Knowledge and Bliss.

Light comes to me in meditation that I am the essence and nectar of knowledge. " I and my father are one." "I am unchangeable". "I am calm and resplendent". "I am in all beings and all beings are in me". 'Om Tat Sat'. "I am It". I am the one spirit of the universe because there is only one Reality or one Destiny. I am neither pleasure nor pain.

For man engrossed in worldly affair all this may appear to be a figment of imagination of no use to him. For him, this body, mind and intellect are all in all. But when blows come, he is bound to consider that there must be something beyond this frail body, limited intellect and maddened monkey. In meditation, he goes beyond mind and enlarges that magic cup of institution and in able to hold the ocean of infinite wisdom of course, it does not come in a day or month of so but at least all the negativities of mind fade away.

As negativities are universal, so is meditation. We get it touch with our true personality which knows no negativities. This 'TRUTH' is universal and is not property of any one individual or organization. Unfortunately walls have been created and divisions made proclaiming that "TRUTH' is their sole property and everyone else should accept it. Meditation makes no such claims. There aren't any strict rules to follow. Not many Do's and Don'ts simply go to your own Self. Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji proclaims how it could be difficult to go to one's own home, achieve the bliss which is your birth right.

None is master none is slave. We all are pure, efficient and blissful in our nature. It is universal to all of us without any exception. Meditation is the realization of our true nature. So meditation is universal to mankind. Identification with mind and body is the cause of suffering and misery. Identification with Self is blissful. Meditation is the greatest help in spiritual life which leads us to real and true life. In meditation we divest ourselves of all material and false conditions and feel our divine nature. We do not depend upon any external help in meditation.

जब अपने ही अन्दर में खुदाई है, काबा में सजदा कौन करे।।

Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji's proclamation and affirmation is that

भीखा भूखा कोई नहीं, सब की गठरी लाल,
अपने को जानत नहीं, ताहि विधि भये कंगाल

Wake up! Wake up! None is poor none is beggar, none is bereft of divinity irrespective of cast or color or creed. Swami Ji states that the highest status is the humanity. God dwells in mankind.

Engulfed in deep ignorance and thick darkness, we consider ourselves miserable wretched whereas in essence we are children of bliss. We are roaring lions whereas we regard ourselves as bleating sheep because we haven't realized who we are. We have put labels on us as British or American or Indian or Christian or Hindu or Muslim. These are only outside dresses or what Hindu scriptures call as नाम और रुप name and form. In fact we are without any name and form. We are pure awareness which is limited to any cast, color and creed.

That awareness is awakened in Meditation when we embark upon the joyful inner journey which is very spontaneous and which needs no extra effort, no mantra, no rosary, no telling of beads, nothing of the sort. It is a non- doing state. it is the union of self with self. It is not forcing the mind to be quiet. It is finding the quiet which is already there. This quiet, this 'BLISS' is universal, so meditation is universal.
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