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Live, Love and be Blissful

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This life is compared to a clock
The clock of life is wound
but once
And no man has power

To tell just when the hands

will stop.

At late or early hour

Now is the only time you own

Live, love and toil with a will.

Place no faith in tomorrow for

The clock may then be still.

In the words of Swami Ram Tirath "O, the tiny hands of clock! With what iron hands, they sway the world."

That is why Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji stresses on living in present as your Parmatma lives in present. Present is Parmatma. It is not a dead entity of past or some figment of future. It is our mind which dwells in past or future. Its existence is in past or future. It lies in past and has no existence in present. So we are to live in present with full awareness of the presence of Parmatma with full devotion and love for Him through Meditation and lead a blissful life. The word ‘love' is very difficult to understand. Love is misunderstood to such a degree that the word ‘love' suggests to people the idea of cupidity and stupidity instead of that divine flame that kindles in the innermost heart for divine.

Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji proclaims that Prem (true Love) is bestowed towards PARMATMAN, Self only. This Prem knows no shop keeping, no bargaining. It is selfless. It wants Him for Him

राज़ी हैं हम, उस में जिस में तेरी रज़ा हैं,
यूँ भी वाह-वाह हैं, तूँ भी वाह-वाह हैं।

It is complete surrender without any ‘ifs' and ‘buts'. It does not come under any restrictions. It comes out of freedom. It never comes until there is freedom. There is no true love possible in the slave.

Live as love (Prem) and all laws will be assimilated in you. You will no longer be in bondage to any desire or anything or any law and your life will be blissful. Be in tune with inner harmony which is brimmed with Prem. Your life will be full of bliss. Prem (love) is no begging, crying, negative condition. It is an indescribable sense of equality (I am He) becoming sweetness and divine consciousness. It is the seeing of SELF in all we see. Live in seeing your SELF wherever your eyes fell. It is to realize Him in beauty. It is to realize ‘I am That, Tat-tva-masi' or ‘That thou art'. We must not confuse love with attachment.

He who sees Self in wife and children will realize that instead of being the circumscribing hedges of his attachment, they ought to be the centre of radiation of love to the whole world. Says Jean Paul Roberts, "I love my family more than myself, my country more than my family and the whole world more than my country."

True love (Prem) like the sun removes the clouds of darkness, the layers of ignorance over Self where as attachment (Moh) thickens the layers of clouds over Self. It is no rash statement of words that love ‘Prem' conquers all. We can't own anything by sheer accumulation. We cannot keep even a little piece of camphor saying "camphor, camphor stay here, I posses you". Through love we can feel the whole world to be ‘My own, my own'. Through love alone the legitimate owning can be accomplished. All other possessions are theft, robbery violating the divine law even though the selfish tendencies of man call it legal.

The wind could not take away the coat from the traveller in the fable but the heat could. There is no good and no bad, no low and no high, no great and no small where love is. The most difficult work becomes the easiest when the spirit of love promotes us to it. Selfishness will make the highest position most wearisome and tedious. Whatever our station of life, love makes it sweet. Wheels of duty become smooth when greased with oil of love. All troubles, storms, pangs and anguish spring simply from the spirit of possession in us. Where is the pain of hell when I love? Spontaneous tears from eyes of aspirant in Meditation out of Prem (love) for Self are a source of Bliss. Love awakens undying and everlasting Pyaas for the Unknown, the Self.

तेरी याद में रो लेना, यह प्यास हमारी है
विरह का एक आँसू, सभी शास्ञों से भारी हैं।

One really feels blissful in Meditation when the thoughts give way to Bhav and Prem fills every cell of body. So Live, Love and be Blissful.

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