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KNOWLEDGE - Known Limited Unknown Unlimited

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Once Newton was standing on the sea-shore where sand was spread all around. Someone asked him out of curiosity how much he knew. He picked up a sand particle and said, "What the value of this particle is in comparison with the vast sand spread all around, my knowledge is so much limited as compared to the unlimited knowledge of the Universe." In childhood we see the sun setting and again rising, we wonder that it has gone to some Unknown place and come out of the Unknown. Limited consciousness is bounded on both sides by unlimited super-consciousness.

Who can know the knower? The knower, knowledge and known are one. The witnesser, witnessing and witness are one. The lover, love and beloved are one. Mind cannot apprehend the unknown. Intellect cannot reach there. It is hopeless and helpless. There is no book, no scripture, and no bible which has the answer of life. There is no place where the meaning of life is written. We must understand that many of the questions that face us cannot be looked up in any encyclopaedia or in any dictionary.

Another quotation is: "This life is a master novel written by God. A man would go crazy if he tried to understand it by reason alone." Only Self which is within all of us and hidden behind the obstinate ego and restless mind can dispel the ignorance through Meditation. Vain arguments and useless discussions cannot remove the darkness of ignorance. Thick darkness of a room cannot be removed by taking out in buckets. Only a light is required.

Swami Vishvas Ji recites :-

जब समाधि में चक्षु खुले ज्ञान का
मन के मंदिर में दर्शन हो भगवान का
आऐ आनन्द ऐसा करूँ क्या बयाँ
कोई कहता यहाँ, कोई कहता वहाँ

An aspirant came to Buddha and asked him few questions about LIFE, EXISTENCE, TRUTH, REALITY etc. Buddha told him to stay with him for a year. At the back was standing great disciple of Buddha, Anand who said , "Do not be deceived. I have been here with Lord for so many years but I have not received any answers to these questions." Anyhow the aspirant stayed with Buddha and at the end of the year, Buddha asked him what the questions were. The reply was that there were not any more questions. The fact is that questions about Unknown are not answered. Questions do not remain.

The reason is that intellect is limited and the Universe is unlimited. How can the finite understand the infinite? How can a drop understand the ocean? Of course when the drop is merged into the ocean, it becomes one. Mouse clay is different from lion clay. When they are melted, they all become clay. So in meditation when the little self is merged into Self, questions do not remain. There remains nothing but "I".

In "Song of Sannyasi" Swami Vivekananda Ji describes that situation as :-

Thus day by day till karma's powers spent

Release the soul forever. No more is birth,

Nor I nor thou nor God, nor man. The "I"

Has all become, the All is "I" and Bliss,

Know thou art That Sannyasi bold! Say

"Om Tat Sat Om!"

Everyone may not be able to attain Samadhi but every sincere meditator enjoys the BLISS in deep meditation and forgets about his ego, little self and merges into Self. He realises that there is but one Divinity, one Reality and that is to be realised and not to be discussed or argued. It is not a frothy talk. It is to be experienced through meditation. In order to realise the unknown, our whole soul should feel the idea that there is but one Reality but at present to us the words "There is but one Reality" are most probably mere jargon, they convey no sense to us. We must know that there is but one Reality. It ought to have a concrete meaning to us. It means that this entire phenomenal universe which dampens our spirits and mars our joy, all this phenomenal universe of differences is no reality, the Reality is only one, and all the circumstances are no reality.

Have full faith in that Reality, that Divinity which is beyond all reasoning, beyond the reach of mind and intellect. Live that Reality; feel that Reality and then we will see that all our circumstances, all our troubles and anxieties that stare us in the face are bound to disappear. We put more faith in outside world than in the Divinity. We make known more real than unknown. Known is only an insignificant part of unknown. We have hypnotized ourselves into rigidity with outside phenomena and thus it is that we involve ourselves into sickness and trouble. We ought to dehypnotize ourselves, the mother hypnotizes the child and she whispers in his ear, "Oh Johnnie" "Oh Georgia" through the body. We ought to wake up Divine Consciousness through Vishvas Meditation in order to have a glimpse of the UNKNOWN.

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