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Pearl of Tears

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आँसू प्रमाण हैं प्रभु प्रेम के

In meditation thoughts give way to “BHAV” & BLISS” and tears flow down on the cheeks of the meditator spontaneously and continuously.  Through continuous and persistent meditation, a gap is created between the thoughts and God lives in those gaps.  In that state of extreme ecstasy, the aspirant forgets about his physical existence.  He may be singing loud or dancing profusely or laying on the ground rubbing his body.  People think that he has gone mad.  That is what was said about Rama Krishna Paramhans when he was only thirteen.  He was sitting by the lake of his town. It was cloudy, dark clouds were gathering, the beginning of the rain and suddenly  many white cranes against the black clouds, almost like lightening they were there and they were gone, and he attained to his first Samadhi.  For days, he was drunk with the unknown, he danced, sang.  His town people and his family thought, he had gone mad.  But he was so happy.

Swami Rama Krishna used to say, “This world is a lunatic asylum in which all human being are mad, some are mad for wealth, some for pleasure, some for fame, some for name, and some for a hundred other things.  But blessed are they who are mad after God.  Suppose there is a bag of gold in one room and a robber in the next room.  Do you think that robber can sleep?  He can’t.  His mind will always be thinking how to get into that room and obtain possession of the gold”.

“Do you think, then - that a man firmly persuaded that there is a Reality behind all these appearances, that there is One who never dies.  One whose nature is infinite Bliss compared to which these pleasures of the senses are simply play things – can rest contented without struggling to attain Him? Can he cease his efforts for a moment?  No. He will become mad with longing”.  The thought whether God can be realized was paramount in his mind, gained strength everyday until he could think of nothing else.  Days and nights passed.  At the end of the day, he would cry, “Another day is gone in vain, Mother and thou hasn’t come. One more day of this short life has gone and I have not known the Truth”.  In the agony of his soul, sometimes he would rub his face against ground and weep.

It is the experience of every aspirant that when mind disappears in meditation and thoughts are no more, Bhav and Bliss surface and spontaneous sound comes from innermost core of the heart:-


प्यासा जियरा भर भर आता, इन नैनन की कोर से

अपने आँसू बाँधू किसके, कोमल आँचल छोर में


Unquenched thirst for Him expresses itself through the eyes.  Whose soft solace would hold these tears?  These tears coming out of devotion, thirst and PREM for Him are precious pearls indeed.

Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji proclaims in His Mediation discourses “O men of world who fret and frown for the fleeting pleasures of the world, shed few tears for Him who is the creator of this universe.

The adamantine wall between us and Him is the mind, which can be razed through meditation.   In meditation we get to the stage of no-mind which removes the thick veil of Maya.  When this curtain becomes a little thin, we say that we are His which means that He is in the third person. There is a distance.  But when this curtain becomes thinner, we say that we are thine which means He is in the second person.  The distance is reduced.  When the curtain becomes the thinnest, we say that we are thou which means first person.  There is no distance at all.  Veil is removed altogether and tears of ecstasy roll down spontaneously from eyes.

The above mentioned three divisions of all religions are described by Swami Ram Tirath in “Woods of God Realization”. He explains that for the person believing in “I am Thou” (त्वमिवाहम) God is in the first person.  The distance has now vanished.  The curtain is now the thinnest from the point of view of thickness.

In whatever state the curtain may be, it is still said to be existing.  But if it is removed for good, that stage is beyond description.  A Persian poet says, “If I advance beyond even by a hair’s breadth, my wings (egoism) will be burnt by the heat of that light of lights”.

Here at this highest stage, words and expressions are helpless and if any attempt is made to describe it, the words come back as though like a rubber ball rebounding after striking against a wall.

Only tears, a pearl of tears can express that state.


तेरी याद में रो लेना, यह प्यास हमारी है

विरह का इक आँसू, सभी शास्त्रों से भारी है


Crying in your remembrance is our longing (thirst) and a tear of separation is far greater than the scriptures.

Tears rolling down the cheeks of aspirant express the deep devotion for Him and the devotee cries out in the words of Swami Vivekanand Ji:-

“Thine am I for ever; henceforth whatever I do,

it is Thou doing it. No more is there any ' me ' or ' mine '."

“Having no money to give, no brains to learn,

no time to practise Yoga, to Thee, 0 sweet One,

I give myself, to Thee my body and mind."


Even in extreme hardship, the devotee will not only endure or rejoice God’s chastisement (punishment for evil deeds) but He who sees His Master’s face.

Will not in his prayers recall that he is chastised at all.


राजी हैं हम उसी में , जिस में तेरी रजा है

यहाँ यूँ भी वाह वाह है, वहाँ वूँ भी वाह वाह है


We bow down to your Will.

We are happy and well-contented.

Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji recites in His Holly voice:


जब उस की रजा पर  छोड़ दिया, आबाद करे बर्बाद करे

जिसका था उसको सौंप दिया, दिल दे के तकाज़ा कौन करे


When we have surrendered ourselves completely to Him, it is His sweet will to survive us or not.  How can we take our heart back from Him whom it really belonged?

Once these feelings appear, thoughts disappear and pearls of tears appear as the symbol of love for Him.


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