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Present is Parmatma

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We should live and think in present just as we live in the living room of the house. We may visit the bathroom but our main abode is in the living room. As it is said that:-

Past is History
Future is mystery
Present is treasury

In the real sense, present is Bliss and Parmatma (God) abides in present. All the miseries and misfortunes are fabricated by the mind thinking of the past or future. Mind’s existence is in the past or in the future whereas we are caught in the meshes of the mind taking us into the distant lands of past or future. In fact there is no past or future. What we do is that we drag past or future into the present and think of them, thus sacrificing the blissful moments of present into some wishful thinking. Bliss is experienced only when we forget ourselves, especially of this body and mind and get into thoughtlessness. Easily said than done. Mind always swings on two ropes of past and future and loses itself in the present or in other words it is said that it becomes no-mind. Vishvas Meditation is there to take us to that state of going beyond mind and making us to live in present in the abode of Parmatma where one attains the ever-lasting Bliss. The mind which always runs after the senses and swings between past and future automatically surrenders if we keep a watch over its activities while living into the present.

We do not have to put any extra effort to stay in present or to tax the mind if we watch the mind wakefully and continuously. Mind will wander into the wilderness of past and future for sometime but if you have patience and perseverance of watching and watching it only and not at all interfering with it in any way by controlling it or fixing it at any point, it will calm down and come to present and will become no-mind. In a way it will be merged into your Real Self which is the highest state of mind. All this happens automatically when you become a witness, a seer just like someone standing on the banks of a river and watching the rise and fall of the waves.

The witness will be living in present enjoying every moment of Bliss which is provided by the Parmatma. The Parmatma – Shakti and not Vyakti (Power and not a person) is the source of ever-lasting Bliss which the ephemeral objects of this universe are incapable of providing. Rather they are poisonous and bring us miseries and sorrows. Inspite of all the progress and prosperity in the material world, the amount of misery and suffering or spread of epidemics has increased with all the so-called apparent glamour and happiness of the world. It is because the direction of search for happiness is wrong. How can you experience happiness when you are caught in the meshes of past and future. As it has been said,

Trust not future, however pleasant
Let the dead past bury its dead
Act, act in the living present
Lo! Heart within, God manifest

Vishvas Meditation takes us to that inner realm where abides the Parmatma and where one enjoys present only. There is no past, no future, no sorrow, no misery and no suffering at all and you realize your true nature.

However hard we may try, we cannot get rid of stress and strain, sorrow and suffering because joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain are the two sides of the same coin. One who attains happiness must be ready to face sorrow too. We vainly hope that we may get only joy and not sorrow. It seldom happens and thus it leads to misery. If we become a witness to joy as well as sorrow, live in Parmatma, Present, we shall be in the state of ever-lasting Bliss. We shall neither seek nor avoid. Take whatever comes. Do not simply endure. Be unattached.

We are really obliged to Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji for bestowing us this great gift of Vishvas Meditation whereby one very easily learns to live in PRESENT forgetting about past and future. One does experience the PARMATMA in PRESENT through VISHVAS MEDITATION.

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