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Meditation transforms us into our own true Being and does not convert us into some other creed or religion. There is no such thing as conversion in the Meditation. It takes us to our own source which is All Effulgent and All Bliss. Meditation dawns upon us that we are not the beggars and we are not the combination of few molecules to be disintegrated sooner or later. As it was said in a verse:-
“Dust thou art and to dust returns was not spoken of soul” We are spirits blest and immortal.

Swami Ram Tirath called upon the reformers to reform yourself. He said, “O Reformers! Realization of your Real Self is the great reform. The divine faith or conviction must be developed within you without which the previously formed worldly influences cannot be liquidated and the heart cannot be made pure” This is the transformation and that happens spontaneously through Meditation. The underlying reality of man is Brahmn but Brahmn is unseen until we bring it out. It may be brought out by friction i.e. meditation just as we produce fire by friction. Through mediation, that light which is the knowledge of Brahmn will burst forth in the soul. Thoughts will diminish gradually and disappear eventually and the clear blue sky or deep blue sea will appear and we shall have the glimpse of reality which is hidden behind numerous and unlimited thoughts. As churning brings out the butter, so meditation leads to the realization of Brahmn in soul. Even if we do not succeed in the realization of Brahmn in our soul, it is better to die seeking God than to live as a dog seeking only carrion.

Death being certain, it is the biggest thing to give up life for a great purpose. Choose the highest ideal and give your life up to that. But meditation takes us to the Reality, the highest ideal which is ours. I and my father are one. Knower, knowledge and known are one. There is the adamantine wall of mind which causes duality. This wall has separated us from the Real Self since innumerable births. We must separate this spearation from our own being and be united through Vishvas Meditation.

कोई कहता यहाँ कोई कहता वहाँ
सारी दुनियां में ढूंढा, मिला न निशां

One claims ‘Him’ to be in a temple, another proclaims that ‘He’ is in a mosque but vain is our search as ‘He’ is found nowhere. When we were transformed through meditation, we found that ‘He’ was our own Self. We are now one. The concept of duality (two) has vanished for good.

According to a Persian poet:-
“There is no differentiation between you and me now. I have become you and you have become myself. I am the form and you are my spirit. I am now so united that nobody can hereafter say that you are different from me”.

Similar sentiments are expressed in the holy voice of Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji:-

जब अपने ही दिल में खुदाई है, काबा में सजदा कौन करे
जब दिल में खयाले-सनम आ बसा, फिर गैर कि पूजा कौन करे

Who would bow before Kaba when Self resides within? Who would worship some foreign entity when ‘He’ dwells in our own heart of hearts?

With the torch of meditation but without any strenuous effort, embark upon the inner journey towards your own centre which is All Existent, All Knowledge and All Bliss. This will be the transformation from temporal to the permanent one. We shall appreciate that a great joy awaits in the silence behind the portals of our mind which no human tongue can tell the taste. But, we must convince ourselves; we must meditate and create the environment and the transformation will take place spontaneously. No hard labor is required.

Transformation happens slowly and surely from:-
Mind to Master
Rituals to Realization
Tension to tranquility
Practice to perception
Darkness to light
Doing to non- doing state
Thinking to witnessing (Drishty)
Anxiety to peace
Ego to self

At present, we consider ourselves nothing but mind which is always weaving a web of countless thoughts – approximately 50,000 a day. These wayward thoughts create a thick veil of ignorance and grim darkness within us with no glimmer of light or no vision of hope. We are at the mercy of this restless mind and completely in its clutches. It makes us happy or gloomy. Whereas, it was our servant and an instrument to serve us but it has become our master and we forgot all our true nature. It is meditation which transforms our vision of slavery to mind to the mastership over mind. In meditation, we realize that mind is only an instrument in our hands and not an obsession. At the moment, thoughts are an obsession for us. They are coming to us from all directions. We have no control whatsoever over them. Mind starts a film which has a beginning but no end. Even when we ask the mind to “stop”, it won’t listen to us because we have compromised so much with it that we have given our mastership to it. Through persistent and regular meditation, we get our mastership back from mind.

Mind is continuously talking. If this inner talk drops pause even for a moment; we shall have a glimpse of no-mind. This is the state of meditation. That is the true state. That is our state and that will be the transformation from stress and strain to silence and serenity and with the persistence of peace attained through meditation, a voice will come from the innermost shrine:-

ये सैर क्या है अजब अनोखा, कि राम मुझ में, मैं राम में हूँ
बगैर सूरत गजब है जलबा, कि राम मुझ में मैं राम में हूँ

What a splendid vision it is that I and Self are one! Without name and form I am one with my Master.

Without meditation and Self-Realization, we are living an illusionary life of dreams that we are to live here forever. We are leaving everything for tomorrow, which never comes because then it will be to-day. We are taking our temporary abode as the permanent one. The fleeting objects of the world are a source of attraction for us. Life is spent on catching the shadow and the substance is ignored. Meditation takes us to the substance, the Reality. It transforms us from the apparent to the Real one. It does not convert us from one creed to another or from one religion to another or from one conviction to another. It brings us the light that is hidden under numerous thoughts and boisterous mind. It transforms us into that “Self” which is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.

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