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Indescribable Joy

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That joy is indescribable, which one gets from the realization of oneness with the ultimate reality underlying all the dualities of the world. You may derive indescribable joy in an act of kindness if you have a link with your own Real Self. When you spread rays of hope in the hearts of the poor and forsaken, kindle courage in the hearts of the despondent and light a new strength in the heart of a forlorn and ship-wrecked brother, the joy you get from that is indescribable if you become one with the underlying reality of all the beings.

You enjoy the indescribable joy when in solitude and in twilight while standing on the sea-shore you are gazing at the sun if you dive deep into the depths of your own being. William Wordsworth had the experience of such an indescribable joy when he watched hundreds of daffodils dancing in air by the side of the lake whereby he could enjoy the inner beauty of his own real self. The beauty of a thing is a joy for ever as it takes one into one's own beautiful Real Self. And so drenched with his inner joy, he has described the joy in the last stanza of his poem:-

Whenever on my couch I lie,
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon my inward eye,
That is the bliss in solitude,
And then my heart fills with pleasure
and dances with daffodils.

Understand the reality of life and the joy you get from that will be indescribable. Whatever is coming before our eyes is just like the waves of the ocean which are continually rising and falling. We see the waves as they are on the surface and not the ocean which is deep, serene and calm. But every wave is nothing but waving of ocean; the ocean is waving through all the waves. Remember the ocean and forget the waves – because waves really don’t exist; only the ocean exists. We go on observing waves but we don’t see the hidden ocean which really exists. The ocean can exist without waves but the waves cannot exist without the ocean. If there is no ocean, there can be no waves or can there be? Then what will wave in them. Waves have no existence without the ocean but the ocean can exist without the waves. If there is no wind blowing, the ocean will be silent. In fact this is the peaceful One that flows in the depth of depths, provides the indescribable joy.

And the same is the case with all beings. We see trees, rocks, men – we see many things but not one, the Reality which is behind all of them. These are all waves of the one Reality that is Hidden…Silent…Peaceful…Infinite. So whatever you observe, don’t cling to the surface; immediately move on to the depth and see the Reality hidden there. That Reality is All Bliss and knows no misery. The realization of that Reality provides indescribable joy.

But we generally remain on the surface. The reason of staying on the surface and not going deep is the ego, the mind. It is not a question of how to put the mind at rest; how to relax the mind; how to control the mind. This is out of question. Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji proclaims, “In Vishvas Meditation no effort is to be made to control the mind. All the efforts have already been made. Meditation is not concentration of mind. Meditation is going beyond – beyond mind. For that, you simply watch and watch your mind. Watch your thoughts wakefully and continuously. Be a witness only to whatever comes on the way to your Inner Journey. By watching your mind wakefully and persistently as an unbroken stream of oil poured from one vessel to another, mind becomes no-mind. In the beginning when you sit for meditation, as soon as you close your eyes and start watching inside, a lot of thoughts crowd in displacing you either in the past or in the future. Don’t get involved in any of these thoughts. Simply watch and watch. You will find that their number declines and eventually they vanish. You move deep, so deep that your mind is left behind and you reach the ultimate reality of your Being which is all BLISS. This is the indescribable joy which cannot be described in words.

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