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Realize truth to be happy

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The dreadful fear of facing misery or hardship at one time or another sends the tremors of unpleasant sensation in one’s body. None wishes to think of any hardship or having a long face. Everyone wishes to have a good time and be cheerful. The reason for that is the ever lasting BLISS which is the true nature of man. That BLISS lies within and not without and does not depend upon any external environment.

It is the BLISS which we find in the innocent smile of a child, in the rising of the sun; in the blossoming of flowers, in the running streams of rivers and in the lap of nature. Our desire to be happy springs up from the desire to have this ever-lasting BLISS. Happiness attained from the fleeting objects of the world is not eternal. It is generally followed by misery. Anyone who smiles may have to face sorrow at one time or another. Sun and shade go together. Pleasure and pain are the two sides of the same coin.

Permanent happiness is not the nature of the world. A wave that rises in the ocean creates a hollow somewhere else. One nation becomes wealthier at the expense of the other. There are rich and poor, healthy and unhealthy, saints and sinners, educated and uneducated people in the world. Duality is the nature of the world and so is of the worldly people. You cannot change it. It is in the nature of things. You cannot have pleasure without pain, joy without sorrow, sun without shade and so on. These will always go together.

We have to realize the truth to be really happy that fleeting objects of this ephemeral world can provide us comforts but not ever-lasting happiness. When this world is not eternal, how can it provide us eternal happiness? After every happiness comes misery, they may be apart or near. What we want is neither happiness nor misery because both these are chains; one is of gold the other is of iron making us forget our true nature. Beyond both lies the Truth, the Real Self, which knows only ever-lasting BLISS.

Realize that you are the repository of BLISS which is not to be borrowed from outside. This is your very true nature. That is the TRUTH which has to be realized. In ignorance you consider yourself weak, miserable or sinner but, in essence, you are pure, strong, blissful and eternal. Never had any fear. You are existence, knowledge and Bliss Absolute. Anger, lust, jealousy, evil thoughts and evil things should never come to you.

You are infinite like a clear blue sky, clouds of misery and sorrow may cover your true nature for a while but they are evanescent and will evaporate and you will shine. Miseries of the world cannot be eradicated by generating sources of physical means only. They will move from this side to that or from that side to this. They are like rheumatism which shifts from one part to the other part of body. Until man realizes his true nature which is all blissful, he will ever remain miserable. So, realize the Truth and enlighten yourself, then alone will misery cease in this world.

We all want happiness but are looking in the wrong direction. Just as a deer runs in all directions in search of the sweet fragrance which is coming from within its own self so are we hankering after happiness outside which lies within. Happiness is the state of mind and does not depend upon outer conditions. Under similar circumstances, one may feel happy or indifferent and another may be miserable. A blazing house attracts different response from its owner, neighbour and stranger.

So, understand the nature of the mind in order to be happy. This mind has become our master and we are just a tool in its hands. The truth is that mind has got no power of its own. it is we who have given all the power to the mind. We are the masters and not the slaves of this mind. Withdraw yourself from the mind and be the Master. It is the meditation that makes you the Master of mind and makes you realize your blissful true nature.

Gurudev Shri Ji explains in ‘Vishvas Meditation Retreats’, “O Man! Your true nature is blissful. You and your Master are one. The only obstacle is the adamantine wall of mind. Just go beyond it through meditation. You are not to wage a war against it. You are not to control it. Just watch it after closing your eyes and sitting in a comfortable posture. Only by watching wakefully and continuously, this mind becomes no-mind and you attain the state of thoughtlessness which is all bliss and knows no misery at all.”

Meditation is the source of all happiness. It is not concentration. When thought current is interrupted, it is concentration and when the flow is like an unbroken stream of oil poured from one vessel to another and is uninterrupted, it is meditation. Meditation is not forcing the mind to be quite, it is finding the quiet bliss and eternal happiness which is already there.

So, realize the truth, have abiding Joy which knows no misery. Man’s true nature is to be always happy and so you become.

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