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Who knows the knower?

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Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji recites in his holy voice a heart-throbbing Reality:-

मैं तां सोच सोच कर हारा
तेरियाँ तू जाण मालिका

O My Lord! How you have created this vast universe consisting of limitless sky studded with sun, stars and moon and shoreless sea. Thinking fails miserably and reasoning betrays desperately. Thou know thyself. Who can know the knower. Clouds overcast skies and thunder and produce lightening. Some of them are completely empty, and some of them fill streams with water. Air, earth and water are same but sugarcane is sweet and chilli is bitter. Swan is white but crow is black. On this globe, some are rich, some poor; some intelligent and some ignorant. Some are seekers of TRUTH and some are engrossed deeply in worldly affairs. None knows the secret. Only Thou know thyself. Who knows the knower?

Doctrines, dogmas and countless discussions fail to describe Him. He is beyond time, space and causation. He is not limited by anything in the world. He is beyond imagination, beyond thought, beyond all that, beyond everything. Everything is contained in it, everything is limited by it, Atman or self cannot be limited. The little self of ours, the pony ego of ours is limited. How can the limited know the unlimited? Who can know the knower? In deep Meditation, we come face to face with Reality that we are not the pony ego, the miserable creatures and we are not limited but there is only one Reality, one Divinity and that is "we". "I and my father are one". There is nothing but God. There is nothing but Allah. There is nothing but one Divinity or Reality.

If we have full faith that there is but one Divinity and nothing else, all this phenomenal universe which dampens our spirits and mars our joy will vanish. The Reality is only one and all the circumstances of different hues are no reality. Our whole soul must feel the idea that there is but one Divinity and these words must not be mere jargon. We must have unfaltering faith in our own Divinity which cannot be based on any dogmas or doctrines or intellectual gymnastics.

It is only in deep meditation when the mind of seeker is left behind, the Knower reveals Himself to the Seeker who realises that

अपनी न की तलाश बड़ी चूक ये हुई
बरसों किये खराब खुदा तलाश में हमने

We made a great blunder of searching Him for years and years and did not care to know our own selves.

The Vedas and Scriptures tell me that I am not the body or mind or intellect. I am Shiva, the immortal TRUTH. As there is but one Divinity, I am the same DIVINITY. I am Consciousness and Eternal Bliss but I consider myself nothing but body and mind. I am the slave of mind so much so that I consider myself nothing but mind. Mind is the adamantine wall which stands between the apparent self and true Self and that wall can be razed through deep Meditation. Self is the sole owner of Cosmos silently showering man with gifts from life to life. There is but one gift man may offer in return his love, PREM which he is empowered to withhold or bestow. Launched on the sea of responsibilities, man has forgotten his resolutions to meditate deeply. He offers God a second place. He who offers Self a second place, offers no place. To allot God a secondary place in life is inconceivable. May the Eternal Giver be sought and not his phenomenal gifts. God does not reveal Himself to a seeker who is satisfied with any lesser attainment.

Patanjli warns the devotee that unity with Spirit should be the sole goal, not the possession of vibhutis, the merely incidental flowers along the sacred path. The iron filings of karma are attracted only when a magnet of the personal ego still exists. Bliss is the blessing of Knower. Only Bliss can be had without loss to any. Material happiness is but a transformation of sorrow.

जब समाधि में चक्षु खुले ज्ञान का
मन के मन्दिर में अनुभव हो भगवान का
आऐ आनन्द ऐसा करूँ क्या बयाँ

Swami Vishvas Ji explains that in deep Meditation one experiences Bliss and Self-Realisation that the seeker is sought and there is but one Divinity and that is your true own self.

This fact that there is only one Divinity has to be realised in deep Meditation and we must have full faith and unfaltering conviction   in the Divinity of Self. In the words of Jesus of Nazreth, if we have a mustard seed of faith and bid the mountain to come, it will come. We should live that Divinity, feel that Divinity but we should not discuss or debate that Divinity because


When we live that Reality, Divinity, we feel that Divinity through Vishvas Meditation, we see that all our imminent dangers, all our baffling circumstances, all the troubles are bound to disappear. So let us meditate and know that Knower, Knowledge and Known are one.

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