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Demystifying the Process

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Misconceptions abound about meditation not only among the illiterate but among the intellectuals and professionals too. It is ill-quoted that meditation has side effects. In fact it is the techniques of concentration which have side effects such as head-ache, eye-strain, migraine etc. How can Meditation, which is the sum and substance of all scriptures and which is the kernel of all religions of the world, have side effects? Generally very little effort is made to distinguish between meditation and concentration. The result, we are lost in wilderness.

Now if meditation is not the concentration of mind, then what is meditation? There is a continuous stream of thoughts flowing in our mind. This flow is spontaneous and natural. During meditation, this flow of thoughts is not disturbed. On the contrary, this thought-current is deliberately interrupted in concentration. Meditation is to go beyond mind while concentration is limited within the realms of the mind. There are techniques of concentration which are bought and sold in the market. Vishvas Meditation is not a commodity of market. It is not bookish instead it is a subject of vibrations to be flowed freely from one seeker of truth to the other.

Vishvas Meditation is a simple natural process of watching the thoughts created by the mind, without indulging in them. As you see the outer world without any effort or technique, you observe the inner world without being involved. The only difference is that your eyes are open when you perceive the outer world whereas to be a witness of the inner dimension of life, your eyes have to be closed. During this process, you are not to do anything. No telling beads, no mantra, no jap-simran, no pranayaam, just nothing. Merely sit in a relaxed posture with closed eyes and be a witness to whatever is happening in the present moment.

Here arises a difficulty. With closed eyes, we see nothing but darkness. Let us return to the analogy, the act of seeing the external world with our eyes. Our two eyes act as an instrument to perceive the external world. The optic nerve which acts as a bridge between the eyes and the brain carries the visual sensation to the brain. The mind receives the message but the interpretation of the incoming message rests with the Buddhi which is the determining faculty of the mind, sometimes translated as the Intellect. Beyond the intellect lies the Atman which denotes the individual -the Supreme Self.

Hence the equation of perception would be:-

Perception = Eyes + Brain + Mind + Intellect + Atman

(External World)

So when we say that we "see" something, very complicated processes are at work. Exactly the same happens when we close our eyes. No message goes from the external world through the eyes since eyes are closed. The result is darkness and thick darkness all around spread by the illusionary mind. Although our outer eyes are closed in this process, an inner eye denoted as the Third eye is at work. Only the Third eye can dispel this darkness spread by the mind. There is no technique at all to remove this darkness. Thus when we close our eyes during meditation, it is the Third eye that observes the darkness and the spontaneous thoughts that arise out of mind. All this happens of its own accord. It is an automatic process. All we have to do is to be the Third eye and disengage from the mind. An inner super technology starts working provided we don't use any technique or indulge unnecessarily in any thought for a long period. Gradually, clouds of darkness will be dispelled and the force of thoughts will weaken leading to a state of bliss.

Such are the blessings of Vishvas Meditation. It does not require any wealth or technique. It is a simple and spontaneous process that gets rid of several physical and mental diseases, provides peace, tranquility, bliss and leads to the ultimate goal of Self-Realization.

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