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Quieten with Mind

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It is definitely diabolical to see that man being divine and the master of mind considers himself nothing but a mere tool in the hands of mind. His life-boat is tossed to and fro with the strong winds of wavering mind. At time he is jubilant and is flying high in the skies and at other times, he is crest- fallen into the deep chasms of pessimism and darkness.

Each soul is potentially divine and the goal is to manifest this divinity. We are definitely not the poor miserable wretched lot in the clutches of cruel mind which is restless by nature “compared to a maddened monkey drunk with the wine of desire, stung by the scorpion of jealousy at the success of others and possessed with the demon of pride”.

It is a daunting and almost impossible task to quieten or bridle such a restless mind. The remedy or solution lies in realising our true nature which is ALL BLISS, ALL EXISTENCE and ALL KNOWLEDGE. Man is entirely contented in the self, by the SELF and then he is quietened by mind. At that stage of realising the true nature of BLISS, he goes beyond mind and the problem of turbulent mind does not arise.

We are repository of ALL BLISS and all the knowledge within us but we have forgotten our true nature and are wandering in the wilderness like a king who thinks that he has lost his kingdom. We are to make an effort to realise our Reality through Vishvas Meditation.

Through Vishvas Meditation, an aspirant finding his nature different from the nature of body and mind does not become inwardly ruffled when trouble invades the body, not unduly elated over impermanent worldly joys. ‘Self’ within is not in any way identified with the transitory bodily experiences. Thus when the ego-self is sealed in true Self, one is quietened with the mind.

Gurudev Swami Vishvas Ji proclaims, “Vishvas meditation is simple and spontaneous _ an inward journey. It is not a technique; it is God’s and Guru’s grace. It is not a commodity of market to be bought and sold. It is not at all the concentration of mind. Its aim is not to quieten the mind. It is going beyond the mind towards your own BLISS, your own DIVINITY, which is your birth right. It is just going to your home which cannot be an arduous journey. The ardent aspirant experiences that he is quietened with mind through Vishvas Meditation.

Wisdom- paralysing emotions cannot infringe upon the consciousness of a man of meditation, a man of realisation. A fear is caused by a sense of impending misfortune, a man settled in inner Self well-versed with his true nature, never has cause of alarm.

The “worldly loves” of the ego towards its prized possessions- its ordinate affection for the body, for sensory pleasures, for fickle human attachments- touch not the man of realisation. Anger results from the non fulfilment of a bodily or mental desire. The man of Vishvas Meditation harbours no such desires. Of course Vishvas Meditation has to be undertaken persistently to realise your own divinity.

Having noted the difference in the sorrows and pleasures of the wakeful or conscious state of bodily, and the fuse calm state of sleep in the sub-conscious state and the unspeakable bliss of super-conscious state, the aspirant sets his goal above the lesser states and through Vishvas Meditation permanently establishes himself in the ever-lasting joy of the inner Self.

Gurudev Sh. Swami Vishvas Ji always proclaims in his sermons, “Go within, Look within. Wakefully keep watching whatever is going on inside after closing your eyes. It may be pitch dark. It may be the stillness of a graveyard. It may be the continuous array of the thoughts of the past or Future. Don’t identify yourself with any of them. Just keep WATCHING and WATCHING and WATCHING while being awake all the time. Thoughts will diminish gradually and vanish completely and you will attain the state of thoughtlessness where there are no thoughts but the power of thinking illumines. This thoughtfulness along with wakefulness is a step towards super-consciousness which is a treasure of ALL BLISS & ALL knowledge. In that state you can go far beyond mind and intellect, and get inspiration which transcends reason but does not deny reason.”

All through our life, we have been struggling hard to get permanent peace without stress and strain, happiness without sorrow and pleasure without pain but all in vain because our search has been in the wrong direction. Happiness lies within and not without; Bliss and peace are own treasures but we have forgot about it. We fritter away our energies to quieten or control or bridle the mind and are miserably disappointed because peace and tranquillity are the nature of mind.

PEACE & BLISS are your true nature. Realise through Vishvas Meditation and be quietened with mind.

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