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Accordance with The Divine Law

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The Divine Law is that there is but One Reality and that Reality is within You and that Reality is You. Feel this idea day and night until it goes into the blood and bon

es of your body. Your whole soul should feel this idea that there is but one Reality and that Reality is yourself and then only, you will be able to act in accordance with the Divine Law.


But at present to you the words “There is but one Reality” and “That Reality is within you” are most probably a mere jargon, they convey no meaning  to you. It’s just repeating like a parrot

Or an audio cassette and we might keep repeating the words without understanding their real meaning.


The Divine Law that “There is but one Reality” means, that all this phenomenal universe of difference is not real.  The Reality is only one; all the circumstances are no reality. When we have full faith in this Divine Law, all are troubles, tribulations and baffling circumstances will seem unreal and, they are bound to disappear.


It is just not a mere frothy talk. It is as much a matter of experiment as any other experiment performed in any laboratory. It is a stern fact. When you melt your mind in deep meditation, and when you lose your little false personality in the Divinity, you will see that all your circumstances and your imminent dangers that stare at you in the face will vanish.


Those, who have not tried this experiment and have frittered away their energies, are the only ones to deny the existence of this one Reality and the Divine Law. Feel that there is but one Reality. Place this one statement as the highest statement, above all other so called truths insinuated in you through various books. Even when you are sick, do not recognise your illness as it is a no Reality. Doing so the unrecognised visitor will flee and all your miseries will disappear as soon as you recognise that they are not real.


All the so-called facts which you believed to be facts are simply an illusion, a delusion hypnotised into you by the senses. If somebody comes and blames you, or somebody comes and flatters you, your spirits dampen with the criticism and take uplift with the praise. Remember that all these are not facts all these are not reality. The Reality is but one that knows no change. In that Reality, blamer, blamed, and praiser, praised are but one.


Remember that “There is but One Reality” and “That Reality is Myself”. Keeping that in mind, practise the consciousness of this world as a dream and not a reality. Treat failure, hardship, miseries and baffling circumstances as a dream. In the midst of negative conditions, practise “Opposite positive thoughts”. All our miseries and diseases are the result of transgressions of divine and physical laws. We should try to undo this evil by acting according to the divine laws in a positive and constructive way.


“As you look upon creation which appears so solid and real, remember to think of it as ideas of mind of God frozen into physical forms”. Quote. Another quotation is that “This life is a master novel written by God and man would go crazy if he tried to understand it by reason alone.” Both of these are the statements of a great spiritual Master.


Divine Law starts working for you when you are capable through deep meditation and intuition. You begin to feel that you are not the solid body but are the divine eternal currents of Life and Consciousness within the body. You are not the wave which is on the surface but you are the deep down CalmOcean unruffled by the winds. Attain that perfect Calmness, that Bliss and that Reality through Vishvas Meditation.


Remembering and realising your true nature and one Reality, you will act in accordance with the Divine Law for which you don’t have to make a search into scriptures because Divinity lies within you. Endless reasoning and arguments won’t lead you anywhere. “Endless controversy is for sluggard minds”


“The rishis wrote in one sentence profundities that commentating scholars busy themselves over for generations. What more liberating thought than “God is OM, OM, OM.” We must have full conviction that there is but one Reality and that Reality is expressed by chanting ‘OM’, ‘OM’, ‘OM’ which means all Existence, Knowledge and Bliss.


All this phenomenal world of pleasure and pain, happiness and sorrow, troubles and tribulations is not real and we are not going to be affected by vicissitudes of this world. Then we will not be the victim of habits and moods and are going to be as free as a lark. Reality is that we are free but under the spell of time, space and causation, we consider ourselves bound.


We cannot be free unless we have burned the seeds of our past karma in the fire of wisdom which is kindled through meditation. Keep a secret chamber of silence within you where you will not let moods, troubles, battles enter. Keep out all hatred, revengefulness and desires. Go to this chamber through Vishvas Meditation and in this chamber of peace, God will visit you may be He is already there. Sh. Gurudev Swami Vishvas Ji recites;



मैं और मेरा यार दोनो इक बस्ती में बसते हैं
किस्मत की क्या खूबी है कि दर्शन को तरसते हैं
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