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God: The Greatest Judge

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Vishvas Meditation ensures full protection against all damages and weaknesses to those who practice it. Evil and fear remain miles away from the place surcharged with meditation. Let us meditate and reform ourselves towards purity by giving up all habits, all that is beast-like, non-divine, ungodly & uncouth that express themselves through lower instincts and deviate us from the path of divinity.

The world and the bitter experiences in it can appear different, enabling us to feel unaffected, or to welcome the same as beneficial and pleasant, only if we meditate regularly and abide in God, for this only makes the bitter intensity fade away with all its bitterness. So, always behold good and good only in all events of life, however contrary they may seem outwardly. Even if a little darkness envelops, it ends with effulgence of light, provided we keep up the link of faith in God. There comes automatically, the victory of the higher self. God, the greatest judge always grants the best justice.

When God wills drastic changes to come for the betterment of the people in moral, spiritual and material spheres, some eye-opener events come about. How painful it is that day after day we continue to find innocent children being sexually abused by non-divine people; others trying to cheat innocent people; revengeful anger being mercilessly demonstrated by ravaging and destroying things; innocent divine people being insulted and pained through one or the other events; people getting busy in fighting life in the material atmosphere; people facing unending problems in life; people fighting amongst themselves for, they have forgotten God - their glorious self, their creator. They do not even realize that thereby they become the losers in the judgment of God. Let not one such person be allowed to corrupt and degenerate the whole world through his wicked actions. It is he alone who is wicked and not the whole world associated with him.

A wicked deed is only an expression to ventilate one's ill-feeling to demonstrate how low one can stoop to, in order to give vent to one's own devilish tendencies through an unbalanced mind. Such people are leading or must have led life of frustration, away, far-far away, from divinity and His nearness. By resorting to wicked deeds, they make themselves miserable. They do not even know what they are doing. They do not even know that this sort of non-divine acts shall be judged by the Great Lord some day very soon. When their crimes are revealed, then even such persons with devilish tendencies suddenly remember God. And then we find them not only repenting for their misdeeds but also anxious to be one with Him and seek for various ways to achieve the same.

Sometimes the political involvement in such matters may make the circumstances even worse. And as circumstances change, people need to remain aware of the truth behind the perception created by the changed circumstances. Such big life-affecting problems ought to be faced with a good deal of calmness and faith in God and decisions have to be taken with a certain amount of good reasoning, Otherwise, a rash and hasty decision may become a cause of lifelong repentance later. Those who are divine and dedicated to Him by nature can make good decisions and can solve their problems, calmly and silently. Loud voice is not necessary at all to prove the truthfulness or honesty. What matters most is sitting down and finding the solution together through meditation and silent actions in accordance with divine law of faith and love for God.

However, there must be great significance behind such events and don-divine elements, for through such a process, a better world shall reveal itself some day. It is He who causes events to make us realize many a truth, to remind us of Himself. May the world change itself towards goodness, justice truth etc. through His supreme power. Let us all surely allow truth to dawn, through all these conflicts and struggles. In the depth of turmoil and unrest of unbalanced waves of good and bad, it is God, His living self, who comes to the afflicted ones to allay the severity and hardship of the adverse circumstances. He is ever with His true children who look up to Him and Him alone for everything. May He ever protect us all from the evil path and may peace reign in the whole world by His Grace.

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