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Defeat But Win

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It is a paradox to say, “Defeat but win because we enjoy victory when we vanquish our opponents. Remember the king Ashoka the Great, after defeating the enemy in the battle of kalinga in which thousands were killed, did not have any feeling of victory but feeling of remorse and was disheartened and dejected so much so that he abandoned the idea of extending his territory and engaging in any more battles.

In fact he conquers all who conquers self. Through love and affection, you really win others and then unity, harmony, oneness are the result. Through argument you saw the seeds of dualities. Outwardly you may have the sense of winning, but due to the creation of dualities and hatred, you may be the biggest loser. We must remember that an argument can never be won and sweet are the forbidden fruits. Love rules the hearts and hatred divides the hearts.

Once Lord Buddha was going into a forest where a cruel robber named ‘Angulimal’ was living. He was known by this name because he used to kill men and cut their finger. He had collected 99 fingers and needed one to make hundred. People were very much alarmed to see Lord Buddha going that way. They pleaded him not to go into that forest in which that murderer was living and was looking for someone to kill and then cut his finger. But Lord Buddha was adamant to go because ‘Angulimal’ had deviated from the humane path and needed him more than anybody else.

Lord Buddha went into the forest fearlessly and faced a great giant with a necklace of human fingers around his neck. Seeing Buddha, he shouted, “How dare you come over; Are you not afraid of your death.” “No” said Buddha, “Before you kill me, please get me a leaf from that tree.” Immediately the leaf was brought. “Now put that leaf back on the tree”, said Buddha. The murderer was puzzled to hear that. “How is it possible?” said he.

Then Buddha said, “This is the difference between you and me. You kill men and you cannot give life to them. I pour love to everyone whosoever comes to me. All those who are the forlorn and forsaken and stranded get a ray of hope from me and cross the ocean of ignorance.”

Hearing this, “Angulimal” repented, shed tears, fell on Buddha’s feet and became a great Bhikshu (Devotee). So this is defeating but winning. Through the magnetic spiritual personality of Buddha, the notorious murderer was converted into a holy man.

In India there is no shortage of such spiritual personalities. In recent times a great dacoit Bhupat was persuaded to give in by Vinoba Bhave Ji. The ideal of man is to conquer self, the rascal ego. Evolve spirituality in yourself and realize your divine self, others will automatically be vanquished. Springs of sweet water and beautiful flowers of fragrance do not send any invitation to men, women and children. People themselves are attracted towards them.

Alexander conquered nearly the whole world. His Guru had asked him to bring a saint from India. He met one with a splendid radiance on his face and was enjoying the ever-lasting Bliss of Self in the sun-shine. Intoxicated with the power of victory, Alexander ordered the saint to accompany him to Rome. The saint said in a very calm and quiet voice that he was happy and contented in his own place with self and needed not to go anywhere. Then Alexander offered money and other material comforts to saint which were obviously rejected. Now Alexander was very much enraged and drew his dagger, “I shall kill you” said Alexander. To this, the spiritual master said, “This is the biggest laugh I have ever heard in my life. You cannot kill me. I am the Immortal Self. None can kill me. I am All- Existence, All- Knowledge and All-Bliss. You can separate head from the body but I am neither the head nor the body. I am the WITNESS.” Alexander the Great was dumb-founded and sad in a very low, apologetic voice, “Sir, what can I do for you?” The saint said, “I am enjoying the sun and you are obstructing its rays to reach me, get aside.”

The spiritual master won the heart of Alexandra who, even after having won the whole world felt himself vanquished. So defeat but win. This is a great lesson to be learnt by the so called reformers who stand on a pedestal and shout – First reform yourself and then the others.
Spiritual pauperism is produced by giving people moral commandments. In our forced moral teachings, an ordinary person naturally takes a suggestion to the contrary. Desire of anything is increased by prohibition. Adam might not have eaten the fruit, had it not been distinguished as forbidden. So if you really wish to win others, win your little self, realize your true Self through deep meditation.

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