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Spiritual Prosperity

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We are so much attracted to the glamour and grandeur of material prosperity that we hardly think of Spiritual prosperity. We fret and fume to earn and accumulate as much wealth of the world as possible thinking that it is a source of pleasure and en

joyment. We completely forget that pleasure and pain, sun and shade, enjoyment and sorrow are the two sides of the same coin. One who smiles now may have to cry sooner or later. It is impossible to have good time all the time without having any hardship, but we vainly hope that in our case we shall have happiness without sorrow.

So in the goose chase of worldly enjoyments, we sweat hard day and night and spare no time for ourselves. Wordsworth states in the poem that we lay waste our powers in getting and spending and we spare little time to enjoy Nature (our own true nature – Self) which is ours. In the words of Wordsworth:-

This world is much with us late and soon
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers
Little we see in Nature that is ours.

For this, for everything we are out of tune to ourselves. We never spare any time to realize our true nature which is All Bliss. Self-realization is the spiritual prosperity. Attainment of some psychic powers- talking to the departed souls or getting the power of holding the breath and stopping the flow of blood for few days or even months is not at all the spiritual prosperity. Spiritual prosperity is simple – Realization “I am He”, “Thou art that” “I and my father are One.” All the dualities of good and bad, love and hatred, friend and foe cease when One Being permeates All

अव्वल अल्ला नूर उपाया, कुदरत के सब बन्दे।
एक नूर ते सब जग उपज्या, कौन भले को मन्दे।।

Then there is no hatred. There is no jealousy. There is no fear. When there aren’t any two, who is to hate whom? Only ever-lasting love flows.

Gurudev Shri Ji says, “There is left no ‘me’ or ‘mine’ when you attain the spiritual prosperity. ‘Me’ and ‘Mine’ is the language of the mind which is quite useful in worldly affairs. But for your true Self, All is one. There is permanent Bliss as you are living in Self and not in ego, little self. All this happens spontaneously through meditation. You don’t have to take to Hath-Yoga or undergo any strenuous exercises or keep fasts for days. You don’t have to renounce the world. Be in the world but not of it. While your hands are at work, remember your true Self which is within you and always with you in sun and snow. Devote time to meditation in the morning and evening. Through regular meditation mind would become no mind and you will realize your true nature which is All Existence, All knowledge and All Bliss.”

You are making progress towards Spirituality when you realize that you are not body, intellect or mind. You are their master and you have given them all the power. You are the shining One. It must go into your heart of hearts, bones of bones and flesh of flesh that you are not a wretched worm crawling on earth and you are not at all a sinner. Pure you are! Only you are hoodwinked that you are a miserable creature. You will attain spiritual prosperity when you realize Truth through meditation that all fears are false and you are not fully awake to yourself. This visible world does not exist in a dream as the world of dream vanishes when we are awake. So this world which appears to be real is vanishing like a dream. So we all are dreaming to take the ephemeral world as ever-lasting and real world.

We must wake up from the deep slumber of taking the unreal as real. All the time, we must be careful about our aim of attaining spiritual prosperity. In no case it ought to be the attainment of some super-natural powers. A man walked on water. A saint asked him how long it took him to get that power. “Twelve years” was the answer. The saint said that your twelve years labor is worth two cents because the boatman would ferry us across the river in two cents. The snake-charmer is often killed by snakes.
So we must be on our guards to attain spiritual prosperity which has absolutely got nothing to do with the miracles or calling the departed souls or hypnotism. Self-Realization, God realization is the spiritual prosperity. Know Thyself that thou aren’t a combination of dead matter on few molecules. Thou are the ever-shining sun of the universe. Simple words wont do. It is not a frothy talk on opening of charkas or Sushmna or awakening of Kundalini. It is just being and becoming what you are through regular meditation which would take care of everything.

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