Expectations are limitless. They are infinite. We want more and more till we ourselves are no more. Expectations make us beggars at the doors of Gods and Goddesses whereas meditation dawns upon us that we are the repository of eternal and immortal Bliss. The musk - deer, after vain search for the cause of the scent of the musk, at last will have to find it in him.
सुबह के भूले हो, अभी घर आ जाओ  Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji recites in his holy voice:- दावा न जमा लेना, यह देश बेगाना है।इस जग से तुझे प्राणी, वापिस भी तो जाना है।।
Real happiness, real Joy and Bliss is within all of us. Within us is the mighty ocean of nectar. Seek it within you, feel it, feel it, it is here. It is not the body the mind, the intellect, it is not the desires or desiring; it is not the objects of desiring; above all these ye are, All these are manifestations. Ye are All existent, All knowledge and All Bliss.  एक नूर से सब जग उपजया कौन भले, कौन मंदे
When we sit in Meditation silently and calmly in an easy posture, we close our eyes gently and a thick darkness engulfs us all around. There is no glimmer of light. Not only that, a caravan of thoughts comes in from somewhere, elsewhere and nowhere. There appears to be no end to it. We are led astray in the deep forest of thoughts. More we try to get rid of them, more we indulge in them. These endless thoughts and the pitch darkness is the creation of mind which is restlessness by nature. It dwells either in past or in future. They both are false. The former is gone for ever and the later has not arrived. Mind does not stay in present because there is no space in present for thoughts to jag around. It is a very complex thing and we can't hold it in hand or put in test-tube. So any attempt to control the mind and remove the darkness will be futile.
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Mind has been compared to a maddened monkey restless by nature, stung by the Scorpio of jealousy at the success of others, drunk with the wine of desire and possessed by the demon of pride. Mind is the most complex thing in the world. You cannot hold it in the hand or test tube. It travels on two ropes of past and future. Either it dwells in the past which is gone forever or it makes castles in the air about the future which has not appeared and there is no certainty that it will happen. Actually both of them are false-one will never appear again and the other one is in total darkness and none knows about it. The whole of reality is present, which is death-knell for mind. Mind does not exist in present because mind is a store-house of thought which need a space to jog around and present is too small for them to move.
Contentment must not be taken as being sluggish, lazy and inactive with a feeling that we are very much satisfied with being crumbled under the tyrannical wheels of fate and misfortune. But the trumpet call is:- “ARISE, AWAKE AND STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL IS ACHIEVED “.  
When we sit silently and peacefully and close our eyes and start watching within, thick darkness appears within and a long caravan of thoughts ushers in from somewhere and no-where. Mind starts a film which has a beginning but no ending. Sometimes the mind makes us cheerful, high on spirits and sometimes gloomy, low in spirits. Meditation is to be a witness. A Sakshi, to our thoughts and mind. It means that we watch our thoughts, our mind without evaluation, judgment, condemnation or appreciation, involvement or interference. In no way we are affected.
The English word ‘Surrender’ for Samarpan could be misleading. Surrender could be out of fear and force. The vanquished army surrenders before the powerful one. The proclaimed offender surrenders before the police. The slave surrenders before his buyer Master, Samarpan in total is out of devotion and love. It comes from the inner most heart of the seeker. The devotee renders Samarpan to self without any ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’.
We live life knowingly only when we live consciously with full awareness of what we are doing and why we are doing. Most of the time, things are done mechanically with minimum consciousness of ourselves or in a drunken state. Full awareness is missing. True consciousness is not there. We do not know our true selves. We are groping in darkness. How can we live knowingly? Gurudev Sh. Swami Vishvas Ji recites in His holy voice:-
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