Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji recites:- ऐ वक्त गुज़रदा जांदा ऐ, हर इक नूं रोज़ जगांदा ऐ। पर लक्खां विच्चों कोई विरला, मुल वक्त दा पांदा ऐ ।।
The most intriguing and baffling question is LIFE itself with all its mysteries, complexities and intricacies. LIFE has been described as a novel written by God and man would go crazy if he tried to understand it by reason alone. There is no place where the meaning of life is written up. There is no book, no scriptures and no bible which has the answer to one's life. There is none who can give you the answer. In fact there is no answer, there is only an understanding. In the light of understanding, the question disappears. And you are the answer. Suddenly the LIFE itself becomes the answer. The way becomes the goal. The seeker is sought and the observer is observed. The objective and subjective are not two but they are looking like two because mind is standing between them and is making a boundary. In fact, knower, knowledge and knowing are one. Reality is only one but hidden under the adamantine wall of mind which can be razed through Meditation.
A god and demon went to learn about the self from a great sage. They studied with him for a long time. At last the sage told them, "You yourselves are the Being you are seeking. Thou are that! Find out for yourself." "Thou art that! Find thyself." was the reply. They understood it to be body and "Eat, drink and be merry" was the be-all and end-all of life. Gods pondered deeply over it and reflected that body perishes and the Saint could not mean body. They went again and asked him if he meant body. "Thou art that! Find thyself "was again the reply.
Once an army of soldiers was defeated. These soldiers were very much saddened and dejected and disheartened. They were brooding over their defeat and were contemplating over their next action. One of them suggested that there was a retired General and they should approach him for his advice and guidance. They all went to him and asked his advice. The General said that there was a temple of Kali nearby. They would go there and a coin would be tossed. If the head comes up, it means that they had got blessings of Kali, the Goddess and would attack with valor and vigor. Victory would be theirs otherwise if the head does not show up; the idea of attack would be abandoned.
Once Newton was standing on the sea-shore where sand was spread all around. Someone asked him out of curiosity how much he knew. He picked up a sand particle and said, "What the value of this particle is in comparison with the vast sand spread all around, my knowledge is so much limited as compared to the unlimited knowledge of the Universe." In childhood we see the sun setting and again rising, we wonder that it has gone to some Unknown place and come out of the Unknown. Limited consciousness is bounded on both sides by unlimited super-consciousness.
Bliss is neither joy nor happiness nor pleasure because sooner or later joy is followed by sorrow, happiness by misery and pleasure is followed by pain. They are part and parcel of dual throng. However hard we may try or wish earnestly, we cannot have one without another. Bliss has got no counterpart and no opposite and bliss is bliss only. It is inexpressible and it can be experienced only. It does not depend upon any external or outer circumstances or comforts of this ephemeral world. It is an inner experience which is completely centred at one's own Source. It is All EXISTENT, ALL KNOWELDGE and ALL BLISS. Experience it through Vishvas Meditation.
PREM is beyond me and mine as PRE (परे) means far and M stands for me and mine. It is not love for worldly fleeting things. It is not love which demands but gives nothing. It is not even that love which is of exchange type i.e. barter system - shop-keeping. Love flies away when the expectations are not met. PREM-true love knows no bargaining, no fear and no rival.
WISH YOU ALL HAPPY NEW YEAR With the blessings of Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji, may New Year bring peace and prosperity to all, along with the awareness and wakefulness towards our own Source, our own Real Self, which is All Existence, All Knowledge and All Bliss. Worldly possessions and comforts are so much indispensible, that a man deprived of basic necessities and comforts knows how difficult it is to be impoverished, but unfortunately worldly pleasures are ephemeral. They do not last forever. One who smiles today may have to pine sooner or later.
About 400 years ago, Guru Nanak Dev Ji had awakened mankind with these bold words: - जागो रे जिन जागना, अब जागन की बार फ़िर क्या जागे नानका, जब छोड़ चले संसार In 1893, Swami Vivekananda Ji gave a clarion call: ARISE, AWAKE AND STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL IS REACHED! Now Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji recites: जागो रे सोने वालों, कोई तुम्हें जगाने आया मैडिटेशन का मौसम तुमको मस्त बनाने आया।
It is quite disappointing that MEDITATION is compared to hypnosis or a technique of hypnosis or even worse, the concentration of the mind. Even the seemingly high intellectuals, holding Master's degrees, have misconceptions and misgivings about MEDITATION. Once, a member of an elite society said, "Except for creating mental derangement, there is absolutely no beneficial value of meditation. Only 'religious maniacs' do meditation and people who are 'mentally sick'."
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